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Postal Code - 134
Sultanate of Oman.
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Terms and Conditions

Accident and Stolen Vehicle Reporting

In case the Leased or Replacement Vehicle is involved in an accident, it is mandatory to inform the police and obtain a police report. You are liable for full repair cost or any other costs if the damages are not supported by the police report.

You will be notified within 48 working hours by Global car Rental on any under carriage damage when the vehicle comes in for service or repairs.

Signage or additional Modifications

Any signage addition and modification to the Leased Vehicle can be carried out with a prior written approval from Global car Rental. You will be allowed to brand the Leased Vehicle provided the cost for branding or any cost imposed by Govt. as a result will be borne by you. You would be required to provide with details of the intended branding to Global car Rental

Driving License Requirement

Any of your authorized drivers above the age of 21 years are allowed to drive the Leased Vehicle. You shall be responsible to provide driving license copies of the initial driver of the Vehicle to Global. In case of visitors only those license will be acceptable which approved by ROP. All employees on Oman residence visa are allowed to drive the Leased Vehicle, provided they have a valid Oman driving license.

  • For employees on visit visa, they must have an international driving license accompanied by a valid driver’s license from the issuing country (restrictions apply for selective countries).
  • Family members of the driver of the Leased Vehicle are entitled to drive as long as they hold a valid OMAN driving license and are above the age of 25. Driving license, resident card or passport copies will have to be submitted to Global car Rental before they are permitted to drive the vehicle.
Invoicing and Payment Terms

Invoices for the Leased Vehicle, traffic offences and excess mileage liability will be sent to you by our accounts department. It is your responsibility to revert to Global Car Rental if any discrepancies exist within one week of receipt of the invoice.

Billing on all contracts will be monthly, in advance and the payment must be made within 30 days of invoice due date.

Lease Expiry

  • It is your responsibility to notify us on the intention to off hire/terminate the Leased Vehicle, three months prior to expiration of the Lease Contract.
  • On the expiration of the Lease Contract, you will return the Leased Vehicle to us in a condition, compatible with the age of the vehicle and kilometres driven. On the return of the Leased Vehicle, we will inspect the vehicle for damages, repairs that are required and if not considered as Fair Wear and Tear, the repairs will be charged to your account with prior intimation to you.
Premature Termination

Premature termination will vary case to case

Order Confirmation and Processing

You will issue a Local Purchase Order (LPO) for the required vehicle and send it to Global Car Rental. The LPO should display the basic information such as: vehicle type, colour, lease period, lease rates and the lease start date.

Documents required:

Chamber of commerce registration, authorized signatory paper, id copy of authorized copy etc. 3 months bank statement (applicable for New Customer).

Global car Rental will forward a lease agreement with annexure which provides the details of the Leased Vehicle(s) for the authorized signature. On receipt of the signed lease agreement copy, Global car Rental will raise and process the order.

If required in case of urgent requirement, Global car Rental would start the Lease with a temporary vehicle(s). The temporary vehicle will be of an equivalent group as order