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Leasing Advantage

Buying Vs Leasing: The Choice Is Yours

With Global Car Rental & Leasing you can make a winning choice whether to lease or buy. Listed below are some of the advantages of leasing over buying that will make it easier for you to decide.

Advantage Leasing #1

Pay Only for What You Use : When you purchase a vehicle, you pay for the full cost of the vehicle. In leasing, you only pay for what you use so you get more savings for your business.

Here’s how:

  • You do not tie up your capital in a depreciating asset.
  • Your monthly payouts are lower improving your cash flow.
  • You can upgrade to a bigger car without upsetting your cash flow.
  • You realize the residual value right at the beginning of the lease and are buffered against any drop in residual values in the future.
Advantage Leasing #2

Maintanance Conveniance : You do not pay for maintenance since the leased vehicle is serviced with the authorized dealer to ensure the highest quality. This avoids you time spent in all logistic issues and frees up your personnel to perform other productive duties.

Since you do not have to factor in recurring (and sometimes unknown maintenance expenses) you can budget your transportation cost accurately.

Replacement Vehicle is provided during maintenance and in event of accidents thus ensuring that your business operations due to suffer for the want of the vehicle. All time vehicle availability is a boon for continuous business productivity.

Advantage Leasing #3

Insurance Covarage : We provide comprehensive insurance to our vehicles under our fleet policy, which saves you from annually fluctuating insurance costs

We assist and perform accidental claim formalities to save your company valuable time.

Advantage Leasing #4

Complete Registration : We provide complete registration and renewal services saving valuable time and money for your company. Complete tracking of ROP fine of your lease vehicles to save your administrative work

Advantage Leasing # 5

Low / No interest : Perhaps the biggest advantage of Leasing from us is that you enjoy low finance charge compare to outright purchase

What is included in the rates?
Service and Regular Maintenance

Complete service and maintenance, even tyres and batteries of the Leased Vehicles are included in the rates provided. For new Leased Vehicles, the first service must be completed as per manufacturer’s recommendation. A service sticker will placed in all Leased Vehicles or will be mentioned in your contract It is your responsibility to check odometer reading for service due and inform any global car rental office for service on the Leased Vehicle at the appropriate mileage interval. A minimum of 48 hours notice is required prior to servicing the vehicle.

However, additional repairs that are required as a result of misuse or negligence by your appointed driver will be carried out and charged to you. Tyres will be changed after every 50,000 kms or one year whichever is later., if required.

Replacement Vehicle

You will be given Replacement Vehicle when the Leased Vehicle is under maintenance or accident repairs.

Global car rental will inform you when the Leased Vehicle is available after servicing. You must return the Replacement Vehicle to global office and collect the Leased Vehicle within 24 hours after being advised to do so. In case of non-compliance, Global shall charge you for the use of the Replacement Vehicle at the same rate as agreed for the Leased Vehicle for the period in excess of 24 hours.

If delivery of the Leased Vehicle after servicing is required then Global reserves the right to charge for delivery depending upon time and distance.

Roadside Assistance Service

In case of any roadside emergency, receiving prompt assistance is our priority. Our roadside provides you 24x7 emergency support. Contact no. will be provided.

Insurance Coverage

All vehicles are insured comprehensively for the geographical area of Oman including against third party liability in respect of death and bodily injury. An insurance excess will have to be paid by user for insurance claims lodged with our insurance company. The insurance excess will not be charged in case where your driver is not at fault and there is a third party involved and the amount can be recovered from the third party insurance company. If the Leased Vehicle has been damaged by an unknown third party, you will be liable to pay the excess amount only, provided a police report has been provided.

Driver misuse and non Fair Wear and Tear are not covered by the insurance and no coverage is provided for loss of personal effects in the Leased Vehicle. For U.A.E insurnace, you can obtain the U.A.E insurance certificate by sending a written request to Global Car Rental. U.A.E insurance fee as applicable for the insurance period required will be charged.


The vehicles will be registered by us and renewal will be our responsibility. Most of the hassles of outright purchase a car are taken care by us.

What is excluded from the rates?
Fuel Costs

You will be responsible for all fuel-related costs on the Leased and the Replacement Vehicle. Replacement will be given with fuel and same quantity should be maintain while return, else it will be charge back to user

Traffic Violations

All costs incurred as a result of fines and other penalties (imposed by police or any other government authorities) issued during the tenure of the Lease Contract will be your responsibility and recovered accordingly. There will be a service charge of OMR 2 on each traffic fine.